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Latest Bleach Movie: Memories Of Nobody
Latest Bleach Episode (Sub): 169

The Bleach Movie Trailer

After the first Bleach Movie, Memories of Nobody, the second movie titled "The Diamond Dust Rebellion" was finally released on 22 December 2007 in Japan. While the first Bleach movie has been getting lots of positive review, every single bleach fan out there (including myself :P) just can't wait to watch the second Bleach movie. If you have not watched the first movie yet, click on this link to watch: Bleach Movie - Memories of Nobody

If you are like me, who has watched the first bleach movie, and desperately waiting for the second movie, you can take a peek at the movie trailer:

It normally will take quite some time before the the subbed version is released. But once it's available, we will post it here. Stay tuned.

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